IRCAM Thermal Viewer

Download IRCAM Thermal Viewer Software Manual & User Guide

IRCAM Thermal Viewer, is an Infrared Thermal Camera Analysis software, for use in applications such as Temperature Monitoring, Thermal Inspection, Electronics Repair, Scientific Research, Electronics R&D and much more. The software includes many advanced features, with more being added continuously – Perfect for any thermal analysis application. The software was written and developed to be used with the InfiRay series of thermal cameras, but support for any UVC thermal camera can be added, to enable the software to be used with a large selection of thermal cameras from different brands. There are many High-End thermal cameras on the marked, especially coming from the Chinese marked. These cameras offer very impressive specifications, and for an affordable price. Some of these cameras even rival or outperform many of the well-known brand thermal cameras, and for a fraction of the price. The downside of buying such a camera, is that almost all of these cameras, are lacking some kind of analysis software for PC. The majority of the cameras, are limited by the functionality of a specific manufacturer written Android or IOS app, which heavily limit the usability and functionality of such capable thermal cameras. If more advanced features, functionality and a capable PC software is needed, then only well-known brand thermal cameras offer such a solution – but for a price no private person or small business could ever afford - and with limitations on the physical camera specifications, due to restrictions on the European and American marked. This is where IRCAM Thermal Viewer comes in. IRCAM Thermal Viewer is developed by a Danish electronics engineer, with a passion for thermal imaging. This software is the much-needed PC analysis software, which finally unlocks the potential of a vast selection of thermal cameras available on the marked. The software features a large selection of advanced features and a community Discord server, where users can ask questions, report issues and suggest new features to future versions of the software. 

Hope to see and hear from you on Discord!

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